Tower Of Terror

Four story free fall

Imagine what it’s like to fall from the fourth floor without Superman catching you the last second. Go up to the Zip City launch tower. Step on our trap door and experience the ultimate thrill of free fall. Fall into darkness. Fall into the unkown. It’s like losing an elevator’s floor. There’s only air between you and the bottom.

Are you brave enough to step over the threshold of your own fears?

Tower Of Terror during construction.

The trap door opened suddenly and my blood froze. It was an incredible feeling.

Overcome your own fears and try the Tower Of Terror with your general admission ticket. Please don’t ask us what’s on the bottom. We will never tell you. Come, visit us and see for yourself. It’s a completely unique experience that’s never been done in the world.

I thought I was going to pee in my pants. Then I went over and over and over again. So cool. I love it.

Try the Tower Of Terror FREE with your ticket.

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