Adventure Park

Like you’ve never seen it before (V2.0)

There’s no doubt, it’s fun to climb around aerial adventure parks in the woods. We’re sure you’ve been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. Try something radically different.  We swapped the tick and bug infested woods to a crime infested run down neighborhood of Budapest. It’s a place  where paint is peeling off buildings, the walls are covered with bulletholes from the 56 revolution, World War II or last week’s drive by.

We put a booster on the experience by placing most of the obstacles inside dark or dimly lit containers. Mirrors, special FX, strobe lights, UV and smoke make you way through the maze even more difficult.


I felt like I was entering into a different dimension in one of the containers.

The route takes you from container to container. When you succeed you can climb up to the 12 meter high main tower at Zip City. From there you can glide down on our firey zip line or take a horrifying plunge in our very own adrenalin tube, the Tower Of Terror.

“This is the most exciting adventure park I’ve ever been to.”‘


The girls were pretty reluctant at first, but I think they enjoyed it more than us. It was fun.

Climbing poles, mazes, UV lit dark spaces, strobe lights and nets make this adventure park even more exciting. It’s the ideal place to kick off a night of partying in Budapest. It’s a great place for school trips, moving your body after a day of sight seeing or if you just want to have a great time with friends in Budapest.

I was so confused in one of the containers. I lost my sense of time and space. It was weird.


Enjoy unlimited access to our adventure park with your ticket.